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It’s just another com­pe­ti­tion where you have to pull on plas­tic holds on new prob­lems. Con­tinue to have fun while do­ing the best you can on that spe­cific day. We all have good and bad days.

You spent some time in Squamish and sent a V10. Was that a dream come true? I didn’t ex­pect to climb a V10 dur­ing my trip or even try such a grade in Squamish in 2016. It was the f irst trip that I was try­ing V9s and V10s be­cause I was send­ing V7s and V8s rel­a­tively fast. I only have three years of out­door climb­ing ex­pe­ri­ences so I be­lieve I still have a lot to learn. When it comes to climb­ing on rock, I am re­al­is­tic about of the work I need to do re­gard­ing V6 to V9 boul­ders move­ments and fin­ger strength be­fore I con­sider my­self a V10 climber or even dream­ing of V11s and harder.

Who is one of your climb­ing he­roes and why?

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