Ice Tips


The bulge at the top of a pil­lar can be the crux, so be sure to place a screw be­fore sur­mount­ing it.

Ice grades are ar­guably mean­ing­less. A hooked-out WI6 can be much eas­ier than an un­climbed WI4.

Don’t climb in fat ice gloves, your hands will get damp and you’ll pump out. Bring many lin­ers and a good shell.

The best spot to place an ice screw is be­tween your waist and your chest and close to your body where you’ll get lever­age.

Be sure to place ice screws close enough to keep you from land­ing on any ledges.

Pack your bag the night be­fore and be sure to bring lots of calo­ries like trail mix and choco­late.

Be pre­pared for win­ter driv­ing and have an emer­gency kit in the car.

Write your in­tended route on your car, in the snow or dirt or leave a note.

Be good at com­mu­ni­cat­ing and yell “Ice!” if you drop ice.

Be proac­tive about stay­ing warm – a warm you is a happy you.

Add some ex­tra grip to the shaft of your tool if you’ll be do­ing any mixed trick­ery.

Lastly, make a tick list and have fun.

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