What is a RECCO de­tec­tor?

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The RECCO de­tec­tor

(a small strip of metal in­te­grated into cloth­ing and gear) emits a radar sig­nal, like the beam of a flash­light. When the radar sig­nal hits the RECCO re­flec­tor, it is sent back to the de­tec­tor and points the rescuer in the di­rec­tion of the vic­tim. The closer the de­tec­tor gets to the re­flec­tor the stronger the re­turned-sig­nal, ul­ti­mately al­low­ing the rescuer to pin­point the vic­tim’s lo­ca­tion. It has helped to save lives in back­coun­try ac­ci­dents. Black Di­a­mond, MEC,

Arc’teryx and many other brands in­te­grate RECCO tabs in their shell gar­ments.

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