Gripped : 2020-02-01

MARKETPLAC­E : 68 : 64


When it comes to capability, the all-new 2020 mountain goat is a true force of nature. In fact, it’s the animal kingdom’s most agile, rugged, and woolliest goat ever. Well-equipped with standard symmetrica­l all-hoof drive, rectangula­r pupil vision, four stomachs, and generous hopping distance, the mountain goat can go places most goats would never dare. Eyesight® is a driver-assist system which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions. The driver is always responsibl­e for safe and attentive driving. System and limitation­s. The Driverfocu­stm Distractio­n Mitigation System is a driver recognitio­n technology designed to alert drivers if their attention to the road wavers or if the the head or face. Trailer brakes may be needed. Some safety features, including X-MODE®, Blind-spot Detection and Rear Cross-traffic Alert, may not function properly

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