Gripped : 2020-04-01

NEWS : 11 : 9


MY HELMET MY CHOICE BOREA Pony-tail friendly climbing helmet that guarantees a certain level of protection that goes beyond the industry standard with TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION. NOT ALL HELMETS ARE TESTED EQUALLY 5 kg mass from 2 meters 5 kg mass from 0.50 meters 5 kg mass from 0.50 meters PROTECTION AGAINST FALLING OBJECTS PROTECTION AGAINST FRONT, SIDE, AND REAR IMPACTS STANDARD TEST PETZL TEST The UIAA/EN testing standard for mountainee­ring helmets requires impact absorption only at the top of the helmet—important for rock fall. Petzl’s testing protocol for helmets with the TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label ensures that a specific amount of impact absorption is provided throughout the entire helmet—important for risks associated with climbing, caving, canyoning, and ski touring. Learn more at

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