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Take the Fine Food Tour and set off to meet the As­so­cia­tion Gas­pé­sie Gour­mande pro­du­cers and pro­ces­sors, who of­fer vi­si­tors a qua­li­ty foo­die ex­pe­rience.

Beyond its sce­ne­ry of stun­ning beau­ty, the Gas­pé Pe­nin­su­la is alive with gour­met plea­sures that you just have to ex­pe­rience as you make the ac­quain­tance of the people who fish, ga­ther and farm them. Whe­ther they live along the shore or in the ba­ck­coun­try, they will be de­ligh­ted to wel­come you to their es­ta­blish­ments and share with you their pas­sion for what they do, their know-how and their pro­ducts.

As for Gas­pé­sie Gour­mande’s as­so­ciate mem­bers, they in­vite you to vi­sit their shops and spe­cia­li­sed or gour­met gro­ce­ry stores where you can pur­chase a bit of the Gas­pé, ei­ther fresh or pre­ser­ved in jars or pa­ckets. They al­so in­vite you to sit down at the best tables on the Pe­nin­su­la, where re­gio­nal pro­ducts hold pride of place on the me­nu.

Let them amaze you!

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