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11th edi­tion of the Guide-Ma­ga­zine

Gas­pé­sie Gour­mande, the fa­vou­rite guide of fine food afi­cio­na­dos vi­si­ting our ma­gni­ficent re­gion!

Central to our ma­ga­zine, the Fine Food Tour is pre­sen­ted as a cir­cuit. It in­vites you to meet the biofood pro­du­cers and pro­ces­sors who have come to­ge­ther un­der the Gas­pé­sie Gour­mande ban­ner as well as the as­so­ciate res­tau­rants, bed-and-break­fast es­ta­blish­ments and other as­so­ciate mer­chants who sell or serve their pro­ducts. Fol­lo­wing clo­se­ly on the

Fine Food Tour – spi­ced with five de­li­cious re­cipes! –, the Savour without vi­si­ting sec­tion pre­sents all the pro­du­cers and pro­ces­sors that ge­ne­ral­ly don’t al­low people to vi­sit their fa­ci­li­ties but whose de­li­cious pro­ducts are sold by as­so­ciate mer­chants. In ad­di­tion to these two sec­tions of the Gui­deMa­ga­zine, rea­ders will find va­rie­ty of ar­ticles dea­ling with biofood or gour­met to­pics. Sea­weed conver­sion, the gour­met dis­co­ve­ries of a few ar­tists who took part in the Tra­ver­sée de la Gas­pé­sie ski ad­ven­ture, the use of re­gio­nal pro­ducts at res­tau­rants, the gro­wing po­pu­la­ri­ty of li­ving food and sug­ges­tions for a pro­duc­tive kit­chen garden are just a few of the to­pics pre­sen­ted in this year’s edi­tion of the ma­ga­zine. To round things out, there’s an ar­ticle about Gas­pe­sian farm­land being re­tur­ned to pro­duc­tion and a li­te­ra­ry of­fe­ring that will wake up your taste buds.

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