Ford begins GT deliveries in Canada Photograph­y courtesy of Ford Motor Company of Canada


I'll admit I was surprised to see it take so long, but Ford of Canada has finally begun to deliver GTS to a very lucky group of Canadian owners. One of these lucky recipients, Richard L'abbe, an Ottawa-based entreprene­ur and racing enthusiast took delivery of his car at Calabogie Motorsport­s Park (a club racing circuit located near Ottawa that L'abbe co-owns) in late September.

According to Ford, L'abbe is the second Canadian GT customer to receive his car, a 2017 Liquid Blue copy. More Canadian deliveries are planned – the company declined to say how many – and I was told they will be 2017 models. Production for 2018 has yet to begin, but a company spokesman told me that roughly one car per day is rolling off the line at Multimatic Inc., Ford's long-time partner that's being contracted to build the GT in Markham, Ontario. In total, 1,000 GTS (250 per year) will be built for model years 2017-2020.

As for L'abbe's delivery taking place at a race track, well, that's something he arranged through the GT concierge service, which walks customers through the entire process, from ordering through customizat­ion to delivery and ownership. All GT sales are connected to a store, but given L'abbe's role as a partner at the Calabogie circuit (which, incidental­ly, is one of the tracks where the GT logged test miles while it was in developmen­t), he chose to receive his car there instead of at Kanata Ford, which processed the sale.

You might want to know how much L'abbe paid. I'd like to know too, but Ford isn't disclosing a Canadian MSRP, so I'll list the U.S. list price ($450,000) and you can perform the conversion.

Whatever L'abbe paid, judging by the smile on his face it's money well spent. – Lee Bailie

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