Driving a Corvette to the National Corvette Museum Story and Photograph­y by Lee Bailie



on the highway. Instead, I was forced to take a circuitous detour that eventually spit me back out onto the QEW near Fort Erie.

I finally crossed the border around 5 p.m. (after leaving Oshawa just after 12:30 p.m.), but things improved incredibly from a traffic standpoint once I was on I-190 (followed by I-90) heading west towards Erie, Pennsylvan­ia.

Because this trip was happening about a week after hurricane Harvey battered the Texas gulf coast knocking about a dozen oil refineries offline, I was interested to see what impact (if any) the storm had on gas prices. As it turns out, most of the places I filled up at didn't seem exceptiona­lly expensive.

The Mobil station I pulled into in Hamburg, N.Y. near Buffalo, for example, was selling Mobil Super+ 93 octane gas for $2.99 (U.S.) per gallon, which allowed me to fill the Vette's tank for $47.97.

This works out to about $0.98.41 cents / litre Canadian, which is downright cheap considerin­g the posted price for Supreme (93 octane) at the local Esso station near the Ignition office in Toronto was $1.44.9 / litre at the time of this writing.

The disparity came as a bit of a surprise, given the hurricane didn't hit Toronto, but I was still pleased neverthele­ss at the prospect of filling what is a reasonably thirsty car with cheap(er) gas.

The remainder of the trip, which took me along I-90 to Cleveland and then along I-271 and I-71 through Columbus and then finally to Cincinnati, was reasonably uneventful. Interstate traffic was lighter than I was expecting for a Friday night on a long weekend, but was a welcome sight. I could have done without the steady rain that followed me from Columbus to Cincinnati, but you can't have everything.

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