I checked out of the Westin Cincinnati just after 9 a.m. on Saturday Morning bound for Bowling Green, which is 354 km (220 miles) to the southwest.

To my disappoint­ment, the rain didn't disappear overnight, and was with me for most of the three and half-hour journey to Bowling Green. The rain wasn't constant – it stopped and started, and at times was little more than a fine mist, but it required me to keep the wipers on for most of the journey.

You might be wondering about my impression­s of the car, given I'd put almost 1,000 kilometres on it by the time I left Cincinnati. The short answer is the Corvette Grand Sport made a favourable impression throughout my time with it.

Cruising along in seventh gear on the Interstate, as I did for much of this trip, the Corvette GS just hummed along with a tolerable amount of noise and cabin comfort. It's a sports car, so the quality of the road surface – which varied widely from state to state – is a big determinin­g factor for each.

On smooth roads in comfort mode (the drive mode I used for most of the trip), with the 6.2L V8 in cylinder-deactivate­d V4 mode, cabin noise was kept to a pretty dull roar and the ride, while still stiff and jittery, didn't have me looking for the nearest chiropract­or office.

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