After negotiatin­g Pittsburgh's rather unique geography – lots of bridges and elevation changes thanks to being at the confluence of three rivers (Ohio, Alleghany and Monongahel­a) – I found an Eat'n Park on the northern outskirts of town. I'd never been to an Eat'n Park, although I had heard of the Pittsburgh-area casual dining chain. I picked it largely because it was after midnight and there wasn't much left open. After eating and taking a break from driving, I felt energized, to the point that instead of staying in Pittsburgh, I elected to keep on driving. It's not something I was planning to do – or would do again – but given how much money I'd already spent, and that I was relatively close to home and didn't want to spend another day driving, I thought it was the right call.

Traffic on the I-79 from Pittsburgh to I-90 outside of Erie was light and the rain, while constant, wasn't too severe. The border crossing at Buffalo was a breeze, although the rain did become torrential through the Niagara region and greater Toronto. I arrived home, thoroughly exhausted, at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day sleeping and recovering.

The Corvette GS performed beautifull­y throughout the trip. Fast and powerful, of course, but also quite enjoyable as a highway cruiser, and quite efficient to boot. Final numbers – 2,700 km (1,677 miles) driven, with a 9 L/100 km average.

In all, it was a very worthwhile and memorable trip. I crossed an item off my bucket list, and got to do it behind the wheel of a truly special car.

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