When you see Doug Yip's green Cobra you just think, `oh Yip has a new car.' But when it silently goes by you in the pits it gets your attention – the first big hint that it's a green car. When you see it on track and the only noise is from the tires, there's little doubt that what you're seeing is indeed special.

Yip's car is an electric race car. This past May, he made a bit of history when he became the first to enter an electric in a CACCsancti­oned sports car race. It very well might be the first electric car to race in a sanctioned car race in all of Canada.

Yip has been working on this car for over a year but the idea has been brewing for much longer than that. With more electric cars on the road and some of them ending up in a scrap yard after being involved in road collisions, which prompted Yip to search for a donor vehicle. A Tesla Model P85 was chosen for the power plant which delivers 310 kilowatts of power (415 horsepower) and an amazing 600 newton metres (442 lb-ft.) of torque. This motor also revs to an amazing 16,000 rpm, and runs on a one-speed transmissi­on. The team figured that low-end traction would be an issue so they installed a Quaife limited slip differenti­al.

The other necessity in an e-car is the battery pack. After some research, the decision was made to try to try to salvage one from a Kia Soul EV, and a donor was found in Atlanta.

Will Yip's creation prompt more racers to build more electric race cars? Time will tell, but there's little doubt his electric AC Cobra has caused a bit of stir on the CACC racing scene. Even if you can't hear him coming.

hen attending a sports car race, one expects to see a real mix of cars. This includes everything from the big thundering V8-powered sedans all the way down to the nimble little 1,200cc VW Beetle-powered FV openwheel cars. Seeing an AC Cobra isn't that unusual these days as there are so many clones on the market now. Some of those clones even have their own racing series.

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