ENGINE: 4.0L biturbo V8 HORSEPOWER / TORQUE: 577 hp @ 6,250 rpm / CONFIGURAT­ION: front engine, rear-wheel drive TRANSMISSI­ON: 7-speed DCT 3.6 seconds TOP TRACK SPEED: 304 km/h


THE GT R IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE MOST INTIMIDATI­NG CAR TO WEAR THE AMG BADGE. It is incredibly loud, fast and exhilarati­ng to drive at speed, and I'm lucky enough to have done it twice, once in Germany (Bilster Berg circuit near Frankfurt) and once in Canada. Strapping into the hard, but supportive, driver's seat and very low driving position makes the GT R feels like a race car that's also street legal – barely. And it drives like one, too. Dialed to sport+, the 4.0L biturbo V8 rockets the GT R to triple digits in mere seconds, but because the car has so much braking force and handles so well, scrubbing off enough speed to make the next off-camber turn at VIMC proved to be a lot less nervous than one might imagine. Don't get me wrong, the GT R demands your complete attention in order to nail a perfect (or near perfect) lap, but it delivers an exhilarati­ng feeling when you get it right.

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