The mid-size SUV segment is not normally associated with razor-sharp handling, corner-hugging capability or dynamic performanc­e overall. But, in recent years, at least part of the massive shift from sedans/ wagons to crossovers/suvs has happened because the latter set has gained ground.

For the vast majority of drivers out there, those who aren't track rats and maybe wouldn't recognize an apex if it were right in front of them, the level of handling offered by the typical mid-size crossover/suv is more than good enough. When you combine this characteri­stic with the adverse-weather benefits of all-wheel drive, probably 90 per cent of drivers out there would be happy with such a purchase decision.

So it's actually refreshing that Alfa Romeo hasn't applied a “let's-just-get-in-the-game” approach with the Stelvio, the vehicle that bears huge responsibi­lity for brand success here in North America. In the brief time since its return to our shores in late 2014, Alfa has created waves if not huge sales.

Love it or hate it, the Alfa Romeo 4C is, and was a fitting

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