- By Doug Campbell / WCMA.CA | Photograph­y by Shawn Bishop and John Kershaw

WCMA.CA clubs on the Prairies have the entry level solution: Winter Driver Schools offered in Alberta and Manitoba to learn the skills you need, in a safe controlled environmen­t.

In January, The Southern Alberta Solosport Club offers Winter Driving Schools on Ghost Lake, West of Calgary, for non-competitiv­e drivers. Most of the students taking the schools are just regular drivers, who want to get some instructio­n on how to drive on ice. Once they've acquired some skills, they can drive with confidence in the winter, knowing what their cars will do when encounteri­ng icy conditions.

Some people have so much fun, they want to keep doing it, and the WCMA Motorsport Clubs across the Prairies, also hold events for street and ice-racing cars to participat­e in:

For your regular daily driver street cars, our clubs hold “Ice Dices”, which are events where cars drive individual­ly on a timed

any of us think of motorsport­s as a summer only sport, but what to do when the roads are covered in ice for five months of the year? Time to “Go Racing” with WCMA Winter Motorsport­s, and learn how to drive your car in the winter!

closed course around pylons laid out on the lake surfaces. This type of event is open to any type of street driven vehicle. There are different classes based on the drive wheels and tires that the cars are using. These events are a good way to practice what you've learned, and have FUN doing it!

For the thrill of wheel to wheel racing, our clubs hold Ice Racing events, where cars equipped with roll cages and full safety equipment, go wheel to wheel on closed courses, plowed out on the lake surfaces. Ice Racing on the prairies is organized by two clubs: The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club in Edmonton, and the Winnipeg Sports Car club. Both these clubs hold licensing schools on the first weekend of ice racing in January, to get novices up to speed. Ice-racing is the cheapest form of racing to get into, as the cars are usually built from vehicles that are older or have been previously written off for street use. The racing action is spectacula­r, with cars in full drift mode sliding around the ice circuit.

For dates and more informatio­n on how to get involved in these activities, go to the Forums of The Southern Alberta Solosport Club, Northern Alberta Sports Car Club, or The Winnipeg Sports Car Club.

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