Driving In Hong Kong


Thanks to excellent urban planning, Hong Kong has affordable and efficient public transit that is the envy of cities everywhere. With everything from subways to trams to funicular trains and gondolas, there is always a transit option to get you to your next destinatio­n quickly. This means the beautiful roads and amazing tunnels and bridges aren't as crowded as you might expect in such a highly populated city. Hong Kong also has what feels like the highest per-capita Tesla ownership outside of California, thanks to a recently discontinu­ed full registrati­on tax waiver.

One thing to remember is that, thanks to its British heritage, Hong Kong is still left-hand drive. Combined with jetlag, renting a car as soon as you arrive at the airport is not recommende­d. If you are committed to driving, don't forget to plan your route. Tolls for using the many bridges and tunnels vary, so be sure to have cash or a car equipped with the Autotoll system.

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