While Hong Kong is a great place to visit at any time of the year, the region's decision to support and encourage major events provides extra incentive to travel. The second annual Formula-e weekend, which took place next to Victoria harbour, is a good example. Ignition readers are probably quite familiar with city street racing and those who were in Montreal this past summer witnessed the penultimat­e race of the 2017 Formula-e championsh­ip.

The Hong Kong Formula-e race is the only major motorsport event in the Hong Kong region as unfortunat­ely there is still no permanent racing facility in Hong Kong. Local ASN President Ken Ng feels the Formula-e race is a great platform to help introduce formal motorsport to Hong Kong. Previously the closest major event was the Macau Grand Prix.

Given the unique nature of the event and its urban setting, many local sponsors – including the title sponsor HKT - use the event to highlight the latest in electric motoring trends. HKT is one of the largest telecommun­ications providers, but is launching a new at-home charging station for electric vehicles and had onsite demonstrat­ions throughout the two-day event. The e-village set up for the race weekend was also free, allowing visitors who are new to motorsport to get a taste of the excitement and innovation without having to commit to a ticket.

On track, the series continues to improve the competitio­n and excitement, but still faced some growing pains including communicat­ions issues and some pitlane incidents that will hopefully result in new rules to keep everyone safe.

Unlike the City of Montreal, the Hong Kong region is pleased with the series and the opportunit­ies it brings to promote Hong Kong as a progressiv­e world-class city.

If watching racing isn't enough, visiting motorsport aficionado­s should check out the impressive Sideways Driving Club – with 15 networked high-quality simulators, this is a great spot to challenge your skills on the best virtual tracks.

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