Nstead of just covering the luxury and performanc­e segments like had done with our previous buyer’s guides, we expanded its reach to include vehicles from across all categories. Our goal was to create a new car buying tool that would be relevant to anyone


350we’re firm believers in not fixing what isn’t broken, much of what you will see in the following pages is similar in structure and content to what we delivered over the past two years. Obviously, a great deal of updating has taken place for each vehicle entry, the market informatio­n we’re including in the front of the book section and the general presentati­on of the material.

We’re pleased to be working with great partners once again in Natural Resources Canada and Kidney Car. Both organizati­ons have valuable insights regarding the car ownership experience and we’re pleased to be able to share their knowledge with our readers.

As for the listings themselves, we’ve updated their look and the relevant informatio­n such as pricing but have kept the vital informatio­n you need.

In terms of organizati­on, our 349 entries are divided into the same seven categories we’ve been using over the past two years: Small Cars, Family Cars, CUV/SUV/MINIVAN, Pickup Trucks, Performanc­e Cars, Luxury Cars and Luxury SUVS.

Our List of Lists section – where we pull out specific features car shoppers often look for, such as all-wheel drive and manual transmissi­ons, and put them into their own lists – is back to help you quickly find the convertibl­e or 4WD vehicle you’re looking for.

As I believe I said last year, there’s a lot to digest here but the guide isn’t designed to be consumed all at once.

What we hope it will do is serve as a resource that will provide the sort of informatio­n and insight that you’ll want to return to over time.

In addition, every car, truck, SUV and Minivan contained in these pages is also online at guide.ignitionma­g. ca, an ideal resource for comparison­s, updated vehicle informatio­n, extra photos and more.

Many thanks for once again allowing us to be a part of your carshoppin­g journey and we hope this guide, whether in print or online, will prove to be helpful along the way

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