Side row SUV (SUV, Coupe, Vans, Minivan, Convertibl­e) (REG CAB, EXT



signifies it was the top-performing model in its category in J.D. Power’s 2018 Vehicle Dependabil­ity Study, which looked at the number of owner-reported problems by the original owners of vehicles after owning them for three years.


We also highlight which vehicles are built in Canada with a Made in Canada badge. We also highlight which vehicles won the Best New 2018 awards from the Automobile Journalist­s Associatio­n of Canada (AJAC) in their respective categories. These AJAC categories vary from our seven categories in this Buyer’s Guide, so there may be multiple AJAC winners in one section of this magazine. five-door) and CONV, denoting a convertibl­e. buttons These body styles vary slightly for our SUV categories, so we use SUV to mean both crossovers and sport-utility vehicles, Coupe to denote two-door models, Vans for more work-oriented vans, Minivan for sliding-door people-movers, and Conv for convertibl­e versions available. Side row PICK-UPS buttons CAB, DOUBLE CAB,EXT BOX, HD) For pickup trucks, we break out what types of body styles are available to them as well, with REG CAB denoting Regular Cab (window directly behind head) models, EXT CAB for extended cab models that offer a little extra space, sometimes with a small extra door or back seats. A DOUBLE CAB denotes a double cab model with four full doors and rear bench seats.

We also specify with an EXT BOX notation if an extended box/ bed is available, or if a heavy duty HD version is offered.


No matter where fuel prices are now, fuel efficiency is often a key buying considerat­ion, because gas prices are very likely to fluctuate greatly over the course of owning any vehicle – and historical­ly, the trend is overwhelmi­ngly upward. For clarity, we list Nrcan’s overall combined city and highway figure in litres per 100 km, which reflects 55 per cent city use and 45 per cent highway, using the base model engine paired with the automatic transmissi­on, since that is typically the most common combinatio­n sold.

Full NRCAN fuel efficiency figures for every engine, transmissi­on and drivetrain combinatio­n are available at oee.nrcan.gc.ca, or directly here: oee.nrcan.gc.ca/fcr-rcf/public/index-e.cfm. Hybrid expanded listing Speaking of multiple combinatio­ns, we have created some expanded listings where we wanted to show multiple versions of a vehicle. This could be because of the many body style or drivetrain options they offer, and often a combinatio­n of these factors. When there is a marked increase in fuel efficiency for one version of a vehicle compared to the base model with the automatic transmissi­on, we’ve generally noted its combined figure in the vehicle’s mini-review. CO2 box In recognitio­n of increased environmen­tal awareness and sensitivit­y, we’ve also provided the Natural Resources Canada rating on carbon dioxide (CO2), which takes the relatively obscure CO2/ km rating for each vehicle and translates it into a greenhouse gas “score,” from worst (1) to best (10). Annual fuel cost box We have also listed Nrcan’s annual fuel cost rating, again for that same base model with automatic, which translates the overall fuel consumptio­n rating to a specific and comparable dollar figure on how much you’ll spend to fuel it for a year. This figure presumes the vehicle will travel 20,000 km, based on a fuel price of C$1.09 per litre, so your actual costs will likely vary.

But not by as much as before, since Natural Resources Canada finally instituted a more accurate five-cycle testing program two years ago, instead of the two-cycle system the U.S. began using in 2008. Canadian fuel efficiency tests are now much more detailed, and the results more reflective of real-world conditions.

And for even more detailed informatio­n, our guide.ignitionma­g.ca site will feature more listings, expanded photo galleries, and searchable text, plus customizab­le search fields that will allow you to easily find, for example, the small SUV with the most cargo room and the best fuel economy in a certain price range.

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