Ruth Qaullu­aryuk Nuilaa­lik

b. 1932 Qa­mani’tuaq, NU

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I learned to make wall hang­ings around 1968 or ’69. There was an old train­ing cen­tre, and I started see­ing wall hang­ings for the first time. My mother-in-law, Ruth Qaullu­aryuk Nuilaa­lik, taught me how to make them. Ruth still sews; she mostly makes wall hang­ings with pat­terns of flow­ers, leaves and an­i­mals. All-over pat­terns are her spe­cialty, and she likes to sew flow­ers the most. A long time ago, she wanted to em­broi­der flow­ers, but she didn’t know how. Once I taught her how, she started us­ing the flow­ers all the time. Our wall hang­ings are very dif­fer­ent from the other artists in Qa­mani’tuaq (Baker Lake). Some­times I will make a po­lar bear, or a bird, or ulus and tools or Inuit games, but usu­ally I make works with all over pat­terns like Ruth. She’s get­ting old, so she’s a bit slower than she used to be. I help her once in awhile when she is hav­ing a hard time draw­ing a pat­tern or cut­ting felt. She also tends to use brighter coloured threads now be­cause she has a hard time see­ing dark colours. So some­times I help her pick the colours she wants as well.


Ruth Qaullu­aryuk Nuilaa­lik Sum­mer on the Tun­dra c. 2010 Mel­ton cloth and thread 95.3 × 72.4 cm

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