Things I Re­mem­ber

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A po­lar bear (I love po­lar bears, but I am al­ler­gic to po­lar bear meat); my fa­ther’s slip­pers; my mother’s wa­ter pot; my mother’s tea ket­tle; my hat; a one-handed sling­shot that you put a rock in (my brother made one for both of us); our dog who was half-husky and half-wolf; the yarn that my mother and I used to make the belt for my fa­ther’s cari­bou parka; my first fish­ing hook and spool of thread; my new slip­pers; my fa­ther’s boots for spring; a har­mon­ica; a ther­mos; mos­qui­tos that we don’t like in sum­mer­time; a leaf that we picked from the tun­dra and ate in the sum­mer­time; my first nee­dle and thread; the first stretched seal­skin that I made my­self; male and fe­male clams that we used to dig up at low tide; black­ber­ries that we gath­ered in fall; whale tail for the women’s feast; the first fox that I cleaned and stretched by my­self; the first slip­pers that I made from seal­skin; flint and rocks used to start a fire; dried fish meat; an amauti (woman’s parka) that my mother made; bees that are dan­ger­ous; my fa­ther’s mit­tens for the spring; my first fish; a lit­tle game made of wood with a metal end that we would play with; a tool to get the snow off of skin clothes (this could be antler); leaves that I used to eat from willow trees; my fa­ther’s hand­made knife; my first pen­cil and eraser; the fox trap that I used to help set; sum­mer­time flow­ers that I love; a dry­ing rack (that would be used above a qulliq); my first ulu; my first duf­fel sock; aged wal­rus meat; my pet rab­bit.

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