Nu­jalia Qu­vianaq­tu­liaq

B. 1972 Kin­ngait, NU —

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Nu­jalia Qu­vianaq­tu­liaq’s artis­tic ca­reer be­gan at the be­hest of his brother Niveak­sie, a print­maker at Kin­ngait Stu­dios, where he ap­pren­ticed be­fore be­com­ing a print­maker in his own right. Cur­rently based in Kin­ngait (Cape Dorset), NU, and work­ing pri­mar­ily with coloured pen­cil on pa­per, Qu­vianaq­tu­liaq’s vast lay­ered land­scapes of vi­brat­ing hues and ab­stract shapes take the form of rocky out­crops, plains and seas. In a few in­stances, po­lar bears and owls, and even peaked struc­tures that mir­ror the moun­tains be­yond, pop­u­late his oth­er­wise des­o­late land­scapes. Flat bands of or­ange, green and blue cap­ture the el­e­men­tal qual­i­ties of land, water and sky to cre­ate com­po­si­tions that are still, drawn from mem­ory, yet pul­sat­ing with Qu­vianaq­tu­liaq’s imag­i­na­tion.

Nu­jalia Qu­vianaq­tu­liaq (b. 1972 Kin­ngait) — Un­ti­tled 2011Coloured pen­cil 56 × 76 cm © DORSET FINE ARTS

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