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Mark is a se­ries com­ment­ing on the en­dan­gered state of the nat­u­ral world of Alaska and beyond. A mark is a vis­i­ble im­pres­sion or trace on some­thing, such as a line, cut, dent, stain or bruise. In this se­ries, I con­sider many dif­fer­ent con­cepts. A mark on the land, or an im­posed line, can lead us to dis­cuss cli­mate change, nat­u­ral re­source ex­trac­tion, loss of cul­ture and iden­tity, West­ern no­tions of the de­sire to col­lect and com­mod­ify, re­la­tion­ships to land, har­vest­ing and sub­sis­tence, sovereignt­y and many other ideas. There are coun­try bor­ders di­vid­ing us— lines that Indige­nous peo­ple have crossed for mil­len­nia—but what does this line mean for the in­hab­i­tants and an­i­mals of these places? – Sonya Kel­li­her-Combs

This work is re­ally in your face. It’s large and hard to ig­nore, which is just like a wal­rus. If you’ve ever seen one up close, you know that they own the place. They are beyond hu­man scale. This kind of mul­ti­me­dia work is quite labour in­ten­sive but sat­is­fy­ing be­cause you don’t have to lie. I don’t have to cre­ate shadow and depth be­cause it has its own de­lim­ited space that it oc­cu­pies. For this par­tic­u­lar work, I wanted to make it feel like it was re­ally com­ing out of the wa­ter. I think the over­all aim of this ex­hi­bi­tion is to show rev­er­ence and im­pact, with­out be­ing overtly po­lit­i­cal about it. That said, this show will in­evitably spark a lot of con­ver­sa­tion, and I hope that peo­ple will be able to con­nect the dots with­out be­ing spoon-fed a nar­ra­tive. – Alvin Ama­son


ABOVE (TOP) Sonya Kel­li­her-Combs (b. 1969 Anchorage) —Mark, Po­lar Bear and Wal­rus 2018Po­lar bear fur, fabric, acrylic, poly­mer and steal121.9 × 243.8 × 15.2 cm


ABOVE (BOT­TOM LEFT) Mau­reen Gruben (b. 1963 Tuk­toy­ak­tuk) — Mes­sage (de­tail)2015Po­lar bear guard hair, cot­ton thread and black in­ter­face 60.7 × 457.2 cm

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