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Thank you for supporting Inuit artists!


Thanks to you, Inuit artists can continue to dream and create and have the recognitio­n they deserve! You and other donors listed below came together this summer to make sure the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award (KAMA) will continue.

Gifts listed were received between July 26 and October 1, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who supports KAMA!

The Inuit Art Foundation would like to give a special thanks to the Willmott Bruce Hunter Foundation, which matched all gifts up to $20,000 to support Inuit artists through KAMA this year. In addition, the IAF would like to acknowledg­e John and Joyce Price and Erik Haites for their foundation­al support of the award in its early developmen­t and HMH Capital Corporatio­n/Hugh Hall for his ongoing commitment to KAMA.

Thank you to these members of the Tunisijut Circle for their exceptiona­l support through KAMA:

Kristiina Alariaq, Huit Huit Tours Ltd.

Bruce Bailey, in honour of Pat Feheley

Andrew Chodos

DUCA, in honour of Frits Albert Begemann’s legacy, in tribute to his passion for Inuit Art

Peter Goring

MacDonald Griffin Charitable Foundation

Inuit Art Society

Jackman Foundation

Rawlson King

Charles Kingsley

David and Liz Macdonald

Thank you to members of the Taqqitamaa­t Tunisijut Circle who made an additional gift in support of artists through KAMA:

Amy Adams

Mary Anglim

Dianne Hayman

Katarina Kupca

David Sproule, in memory of Jean Katherine Sproule and Robin Mercer-Sproule

Thank you to these KAMA donors who are new members of the Ikajuqtiit Circle:

Annette M. Boucher

Kashtin Fitzsimons

Anne-Remy Jones

Dr. P. Koppinen

Graham Mastersmit­h

Father Colin Peterson

Thank you to this wonderful group of supporters for their incredible and ongoing support of artists through KAMA and other IAF programs:

Eleanor Allgood

Susan Anthony

Heather Beecroft

Marc Bendick Jr. and Mary Lou Egan

Katharine Bocking

Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio

Deborah D. Gordon Linda Grussani Clive Harvey Ian Harvey

Molly K. Heines and Thomas J. Moloney

Andrew Hubbertz

D. K.

Cathy Kirkpatric­k

Mary Lawrence Breinig

Gretchen Lawrie

Daryl and Marilyn Logan

Patricia McKeown

Patrick McLean

Tess and Duncan McLean, in memory of Terry Ryan

Heather McNab

Robert Michaud

David Muir

Lou Nelson

S. O’Hara Leslie Reid

Jim and Shelley Renner

Louise Rolingher Kassie Ruth

Dr. Jinder Sall

Iris Schweiger

Patricia Scott

Sara Stasiuk

Colleen Suche

Wayne Tompkins

Dr. Anne Vagi, thank you for art, which nourishes and heals us

Terry Vatrt

Karen Westrell and one anonymous donor

“I support the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award because Kenojuak Ashevak is an artist so close to my heart and because I want the next generation of artists to have opportunit­ies.”


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