Sur­pris­ing weight-gain cul­prits to know about

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Emma Stone pur­posely gained 15 pounds of mus­cle in three months to play Billy Jean King in the movie “Bat­tle of the Sexes.” How? She drank high-calo­rie protein shakes and worked out with a strength trainer five days a week. Chances are, if you’ve packed on an ex­tra 15 pounds, it isn’t all mus­cle and it didn’t sneak up on you. It may be hard to fig­ure out what con­trib­uted to the ex­tra weight. Well, here are four hid­den weight boost­ers that can add pounds with ev­ery bite. Pro­cessed Meats: Stud­ies show that ba­con, hot dogs, lunch­meats, even meat-based pasta sauces in­crease the risk of weight gain and Type 2 di­a­betes. Bet­ter choice: Skin­less poul­try and fish such as salmon. Potato Chips: Ac­cord­ing to a study in the New Eng­land Jour­nal of Medicine, potato chips were No. 1 when it came to foods strongly as­so­ci­ated with weight gain over a four-year pe­riod. Bet­ter choice: Fruits, car­rot and cel­ery sticks, and nuts. Diet Soda: A study in Cana­dian Med­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion Jour­nal found, “con­sump­tion of non­nu­tri­tive sweet­en­ers was as­so­ci­ated with in­creases in weight and waist cir­cum­fer­ence, and higher in­ci­dence of obe­sity, hy­per­ten­sion, meta­bolic syn­drome, Type 2 di­a­betes and car­dio­vas­cu­lar events.” Bet­ter choice: Wa­ter, unsweet­ened tea and black coffee. Low-Fat Food: Stud­ies done by the Food and Brand Lab found that putting low-fat la­bels on snack foods en­cour­ages peo­ple to eat up to 50 per cent more than they would if the foods didn’t claim to be low-fat. Bet­ter choice: Skip highly pro­cessed foods; opt for pro­duce and health­ful pro­teins like quinoa, skin­less chicken, beans and salmon.

Mehmet Oz, M.D. is host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” and Mike Roizen, M.D. is Chief Well­ness Of­fi­cer and Chair of Well­ness In­sti­tute at Cleve­land Clinic. To live your health­i­est, tune into “The Dr. Oz Show” or visit www.


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