Wrong Path

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West con­tin­ued with the king of clubs and de­liv­ered the ruff to de­feat the game, N-S -50. West had psyched by bid­ding two spades in an ef­fort to muddy the waters hop­ing to talk the op­po­nents out of a spade con­tract. The bulk of the blame for this re­sult clearly lies on North's shoul­ders. He could have dou­bled two spades for penalty to show val­ues or ad­vanced to 3NT when part­ner backed in with three di­a­monds re­veal­ing a strong hand. East is likely to be­gin with a fourth best heart ver­sus 3NT where North will swiftly cash out eleven tricks. A spade lead is a pos­si­bil­ity, given the auc­tion, that would re­strict de­clarer to one over­trick. East had no idea that part­ner was not telling the truth. But it will not be an easy task for the de­fense to score their four top tricks. West's tac­ti­cal bid had the ef­fect of steer­ing N-S to the wrong game but this ac­tion should have been brushed aside by North to reach the nine-trick game. If two spades had been dou­bled, West would swiftly have re­treated to the safety of hearts where East would scram­ble a min­i­mum of eight tricks. The mi­nor suit game might still be reached when West elects to im­me­di­ately boost to four hearts.

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