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A lot of Cana­dian towns and cities take their names from a place in Europe (Lon­don, Ont.), a lo­cal Indige­nous lan­guage (Be­hchoko, NWT) or a fa­mous (or not-so-fa­mous) per­son (Leth­bridge, Alta.). Where did your clos­est town or city get its name?

The city of Monc­ton, N.B, was named for Bri­tish army of­fi­cer Robert Mon­ck­ton. Some­one made a mis­take on the spell­ing when it of­fi­cially be­came a city.

The pit house is prob­a­bly the old­est kind of home in Canada. Indige­nous peo­ple dug a rec­tan­gle or cir­cle about a me­tre deep and built a roof over top. The Shuswap peo­ple in what is now B.C. used logs and bark to make the roof, while the Thule peo­ple of the Arctic used whale bones. Both cov­ered the top in earth.

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