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Nowa­days, most Cana­di­ans think of an­i­mals as pets. Some of us live on farms, where we might keep cat­tle, chick­ens, sheep or goats. Lots of Cana­di­ans go fish­ing, hunting or bird­watch­ing.

For First Peo­ples on this land, na­ture pro­vided ev­ery­thing they needed. An­i­mals were the source of food, cloth­ing, ma­te­rial for a house, tools and more. When Euro­peans came to Canada, most of them were look­ing for an­i­mals as the source of things to trade for money, such as whale oil, dried fish and beaver pelts.

An­i­mals have also helped through­out the his­tory of Canada. They pulled wagons and ploughs and sleds. They car­ried mes­sages and medicine in war. They kept min­ers safe. They be­came sym­bols of our coun­try. And yes, they gave us their com­pany.

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