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Take a close look at these im­ages of peo­ple. Are they gaz­ing out at you, or turned away? What does the ex­pres­sion on their faces tell you? Can you learn any­thing about them from what they’re wear­ing?

What kind of feel­ing is the artist cre­at­ing by us­ing cer­tain colours? Which styles do you like best — oil paint­ing, pen­cil crayon, sculp­ture?

cello 2012 Char­maine Lurch acrylic on can­vas, 20 x 25 cm What do you think this mu­si­cian is feel­ing?

Why do you think the artist wanted to show her­self in all of these dif­fer­ent poses? miss chate­laine 1973 Suzy Lake gelatin sil­ver print, 50.5 × 40.5 cm

"Kee- akee- ka- saaka- wow," 1849- 1856 ("The man that gives the war whoop, Head Chief of the Crees") Plains Cree Paul Kane oil on can­vas, 75.9 x 63.4 cm

Boy with Bread 1892- 1899 Ozias Le­duc oil on can­vas, 50.7 x 55.7 cm

The Vaughan Sis­ters 1910 Wil­liam Brym­ner oil on can­vas, 102.4 x 129.0 cm

What’s the big oc­ca­sion? Man­i­toba Party 1964 Wil­liam Kurelek oil on ma­sonite, 121.9 x 152.6 cm

What do you think of the artist’s choice to show such a re­al­is­tic scene? Play­ing Nin­tendo 2006 An­nie Pootoo­gook coloured pen­cil and ink on pa­per, 41.5 x 51 cm

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