“Wor­king Together for a Wel­co­ming Com­mu­nity”

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at ad­dres­sing ra­cial, re­li­gious and eth­nic pre­ju­di­ce in our com­mu­nity. We’ll track the acts on so­cial me­dia and at our web­si­te spon­so­red by rT­rac­tion: http://1000ac­tsof­wel­co­me. ca/ Par­ti­ci­pants are as­ked to use the hash­tags #1000Ac­tsof­Wel­co­me and #AllA­reWel­co­meHe­re (#Tou­sSon­tLe­sBien­ve­nue­sI­ci)

Pha­se-One of the Wel­co­ming Com­mu­ni­ties ini­tia­ti­ve was a lawn and win­dow sign blitz. Last fall, LMLIP be­gan dis­tri­bu­ting #AllA­reWel­co­meHe­re (#Tou­sSon­tLe­sBien­ve­nue­sI­ci) signs to re­si­dents and bu­si­nes­ses. To da­te, mo­re than 700 ha­ve been dis­tri­bu­ted, and new re­quests co­me in an a re­gu­lar ba­sis.

Th­roug­hout what has been a cold win­ter, the lawn and win­dow signs ha­ve of­fe­red a warm wel­co­me to new­co­mers. We ur­ge you to help ramp up that mes­sa­ge by par­ti­ci­pa­ting in LMLIP 1,000 Acts of Wel­co­me.

Fi­nally, all are in­vi­ted to at­tend Pha­se-Th­ree - LMLIP Day of Lear­ning event March 21st on the Uni­ted Na­tion’s In­ter­na­tio­nal Day for the Eli­mi­na­tion of Ra­cism, to sha­re the lear­ning from the wel­co­ming ac­ti­vi­ties and hear from the com­mu­nity.

Dis­play an #AllA­reWel­co­meHe­re lawn sign or win­dow stic­ker (con­tacts lis­ted be­low)

Sha­re ex­pe­rien­ces/anec­do­tes that in­vol­ve lo­cal acts of wel­co­me - big or small- on so­cial me­dia ( Twitter, Fa­ce­book, Ins­ta­gram) using the hash­tag #AllA­reWel­co­meHe­re. Sub­mit your act of wel­co­me star­ting Ja­nuary 31 at http://1000ac­tsof­wel­co­me.ca/

Stay tu­ned for mo­re in­fo on LMLIP’s March 21 Day of Lear­ning event.

The free lawn signs can be ob­tai­ned from the LMLIP of­fi­ce (at The Skill Cen­tre, 141 Dun­das St, 3rd floor), Lon­don Cross Cul­tu­ral Lear­ner Cen­tre, South Lon­don Neigh­bour­hood Re­sour­ce Cen­tre and LU­SO Com­mu­nity Cen­tre.

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