Sattler: Cli­ne fa­mily deser­ves an apo­logy

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Lon­don West MPP Peggy Sattler says the Li­be­ral mi­nis­ter of health should apo­lo­gi­ze to the fa­mily of Stuart Cli­ne.

Cli­ne pas­sed away in St. Cat­ha­ri­nes af­ter wai­ting for fi­ve days in a Me­xi­can hos­pi­tal with a brain bleed, fo­llo­wing a se­rious fall whi­le on va- ca­tion. The fa­mily was told the­re we­re no beds in On­ta­rio avai­la­ble to treat Cli­ne on­ce he was sta­bi­li­zed and ready to tra­vel ho­me.

“Yes­ter­day, Stuart’s son Da­vid went on the ra­dio and as­ked for an apo­logy from the mi­nis­ter of health. Des­pi­te the health mi­nis­ter’s as­su­ran­ces that her mi­nistry was ‘fully en­ga­ged’ in hel­ping coor­di­na­te Stuart’s re­turn, Mr. Cli­ne said neit­her the mi­nis­ter nor her staff ma­de one pho­ne call to the fa­mily the en­ti­re ti­me they we­re dea­ling with Stuart’s health cri­sis. This lack of con­tact, and the mi­nis­ter’s claims to the con­trary, was an in­sult to Da­vid and his fa­mily.”

Da­vid Cli­ne al­so said it was “inex­cu­sa­ble” for the mi­nis­ter to try to de­flect ac­coun­ta­bi­lity for the go­vern­ment’s ro­le in this heart­brea­king si­tua­tion. Whi­le the mins­ter bla­med his in­su­ran­ce com­pany for not wor­king hard enough to find a bed for Stuart, Mr. Cli­ne said the in­su­rer was very di­li­gent, ca­lling mul­ti­ple hos­pi­tals all over the pro­vin­ce daily.

“It’s shoc­king to see this Li­be­ral go­vern­ment bla­ming ot­hers ins­tead of ta­king res­pon­si­bi­lity for their own fai­lings when it co­mes to the over­crow­ding and hall­way me­di­ci­ne cri­sis in On­ta­rio’s hos­pi­tals,” said Sattler. “We ha­ve a Con­ser­va­ti­ve party vo­wing to cut at least anot­her $6.1 bi­llion from the ser­vi­ces we count on and the Li­be­rals who ha­ve do­ne not­hing but ma­ke hos­pi­tal over­crow­ding wor­se in their 15 years in of­fi­ce. We need chan­ge for the bet­ter in On­ta­rio’s hos­pi­tals – a ca­se li­ke Mr. Cli­ne’s should ne­ver hap­pen again.”

On­ta­rio NDP lea­der An­drea Hor­wath has been clear on her plan to end the hos­pi­tal over­crow­ding and hall­way me­di­ci­ne cri­sis. She’s com­mit­ted to ma­king health ca­re a prio­rity – tac­kling hall­way me­di­ci­ne and long waits in health ca­re with fun­ding that, at a mi­ni­mum, keeps up with in­fla­tion, po­pu­la­tion growth and the uni­que needs of each com­mu­nity.

MPP Peggy Sattler

240 Com­mis­sio­ners Rd W, Lon­don, ON N6J 1Y1. (519) 657-3120

NO­TE: pho­to of Mr. Cli­ne at­ta­ched. Ta­ken pre­vious to his me­di­cal emer­gency whi­le on va­ca­tion in Me­xi­co.

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