EN­GLISH con­tent: Not just a fluffy ta­le about the Eas­ter Bunny

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ti­ce A.J. Good­man is a blis­te­ri­ng cri­ti­que of the aid so­ciety’s vio­la­tion of char­ter rights in trying to for­ce two Ca­na­dians to tell lies to kids in fos­ter ca­re.

His ru­ling ci­tes evi­den­ce that the so­ciety’s em­plo­yees ap­pear to have been mo­ti­va­ted by an “un­derl­ying ani­mus” and “ste­reoty­pi­cal be­lief” about Ch­ris­tians. As such, Good­man ru­led, the brea­ches of the Char­ter of Rights and Free­doms we­re “un­rea­so­na­ble, ar­bi­trary and dis­cri­mi­na­tory.”

That’s a long way from so­me fluffy ta­le about the Eas­ter Bunny and Jolly Old St. Nick being be­fo­re the bar.

Vi­gi­lant truth is the li­ved com­mit­ment of the Baars, a deeply Pro­tes­tant couple then li­ving in Ha­mil­ton, Ont., who ope­ned their ho­me in De­cem­ber 2015 to fos­ter sis­ters aged th­ree and four. The couple will no mo­re lie than break any ot­her of the Ten Com­mand­ments. They are com­ple­tely ho­nest about that.

Six months pre­vious, when they we­re un­der­going trai­ning to be­co­me fos­ter pa­rents, they we­re up front that their faith prohi­bi­ted them ta­king any de­via­tion from the truth. So they would not tell chil­dren in their ca­re that the Eas­ter Bunny or San­ta Claus are real.

They we­re still happy to hi­de cho­co­la­te eggs for an Eas­ter hunt, though they felt obli­ged to own up if ne­ces­sary to the goo­dies being sto­re-bought rat­her than spin a whop­per about a was­cally wab­bit brin­ging them.

All this was fi­ne un­til a Chil­dren’s Aid So­ciety of Ha­mil­ton pla­ce­ment wor­ker, Tra­cey Lind­say, be­gan pres­su­ring the Baars to be “cul­tu­rally sen­si­ti­ve,” ig­no­re their re­li­gious con­vic­tions, and per­pe­tua­te myth-ma­king at Ch­rist­mas and Eas­ter.

The pla­ce­ment wor­ker’s be­lief in her own in­fa­lli­bi­lity was ap­pa­rently such that she mo­ved to have the two chil­dren ta­ken from the ho­me be­cau­se of the Baars’ re­fu­sal to lie. With a sin­gle day’s no­ti­ce in March 2016, wit­hout the kids even ha­ving ti­me to gat­her their things, the so­ciety took the girls away.

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