With views so an­tit­he­ti­cal to Uni­ver­sity of Al­ber­ta’s va­lue sys­tem, Su­zu­ki is in­ca­pa­ble of ho­nou­ring the spi­rit of the school

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The se­na­te’s stra­te­gic plan pro­vi­des for ho­no­rary de­grees to be is­sued to in­di­vi­duals who­se “ex­tra­or­di­nary in­te­llec­tual achie­ve­ments, or sig­ni­fi­cant ser­vi­ce to so­ciety, set a stan­dard of ex­ce­llen­ce and me­rit the Uni­ver­sity’s hig­hest ho­nour.” A co­rres­pon­ding duty is al­so pla­ced on re­ci­pients to “ho­nour the spi­rit of the Uni­ver­sity of Al­ber­ta.”

The uni­ver­sity’s stra­te­gic plan was de­ve­lo­ped “to gui­de the ove­rall de­ci­sion-ma­king and go­ver­nan­ce pro­ces­ses of the Uni­ver­sity.” It in­clu­des a com­mit­ment to “in­te­llec­tual in­te­grity, free­dom of in­quiry and ex­pres­sion, and the equa­lity and dig­nity of all per­sons as the foun­da­tion of et­hi­cal con­duct in re­search, tea­ching, lear­ning and ser­vi­ce.”

The plan re­cog­ni­zes the uni­ver­sity as the “pro­vin­ce’s lea­ding edu­ca­tor, ge­ne­ra­tor of new ideas and en­gi­ne of so­cial, cul­tu­ral and eco­no­mic pros­pe­rity” - a pu­blic uni­ver­sity ac­ting for the pu­blic good. Its ob­jec­ti­ves in­clu­de “[con­ti­nuing] to build and sup­port an in­te­gra­ted ap­proach to so­cial, eco­no­mic, and en­vi­ron­men­tal sus­tai­na­bi­lity. ...”

Un­der Al­ber­ta’s Post-Se­con­dary Lear­ning Act, the ul­ti­ma­te res­pon­si­bi­lity for gran­ting ho­no­rary de­grees rests with the uni­ver­sity chan­ce­llor. The chan­ce­llor is al­so res­pon­si­ble for “[re­pre­sen­ting] the pu­blic in­ter­est in the uni­ver­sity.” The chan­ce­llor’s de­ci­sions must be gui­ded by the uni­ver­sity’s stra­te­gic plan.

Most peo­ple agree the­re is va­lue in de­ba­ting op­po­sing view­points on con­tro­ver­sial is­sues. Ho­we­ver, Su­zu­ki has ma­de it his li­fe’s work to pu­blicly pro­mo­te (to the de­tri­ment of Al­ber­ta in par­ti­cu­lar and Ca­na­da in ge­ne­ral) his

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