Front-and-cen­tre nu­trit ion alert la bels ont­he­way…

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Su­per­mar­kets are crow­ded with around 40,000 pro­ducts, yet most shop­pers spend fe­wer than 10 se­conds se­lec­ting an item. That’s cer­tainly not enough ti­me to re­view cu­rrent Ca­na­dian nu­tri­tion la­bels, which are on the back or si­de of pac­ka­ges and con­tain de­tai­led in­for­ma­tion that’s of­ten too com­plex for many con­su­mers to un­ders­tand.

But nu­tri­tion la­be­ling is about to chan­ge in Ca­na­da. That’s good news for our health and for in­for­med con­su­mer de­ci­sion-ma­king.

Health Ca­na­da is de­ve­lo­ping new “high in” nu­tri­tion alert la­bels for the front of food pac­ka­ging. This is con­sis­tent with best prac­ti­ces and evi­den­ce of how to pro­vi­de con­su­mers with quick and easy in­for­ma­tion about the le­vels of sa­tu­ra­ted fats, su­gars and/or so­dium in food and drink pro­ducts.

How does it work?

When a pro­duct has mo­re than a spe­ci­fied le­vel of cer­tain nu­trients, it must ha­ve a pro­mi­nent black la­bel on the front of the pac­ka­ge that says simply, de­pen­ding on the nu­trient in ques­tion: “high in su­gar,” “high in fat” or “high in so­dium.” The­re are no num­bers or sym­bols that re­qui­re furt­her in­ter­pre­ta­tion.

Im­por­tantly, the sim­ple but po­wer­ful words “Health Ca­na­da/San­té Ca­na­da” should al­so be on the la­bel to con­vey that the alert sym­bol has le­gi­ti­macy

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