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Buil­ding on the consul­ta­tions held over the past se­ve­ral months in com­mu­ni­ty mee­tings, the MMF has iden­ti­fied the prio­ri­ties of the Mé­tis people. The fol­lo­wing out­lines how self-go­vern­ment would more ef­fec­ti­ve­ly meet their needs.


Im­pro­ved healthcare means Mé­tis El­ders will not have to choose bet­ween their me­di­ca­tions and fee­ding them­selves. It means Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens will have ac­cess to health ser­vices right in their ho­me­towns and vil­lages. It means bet­ter health out­comes be­cause Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens will have im­pro­ved ac­cess to ef­fec­tive and ap­pro­priate healthcare. It means fa­mi­lies may not have to be se­pa­ra­ted be­cause one mem­ber has to tra­vel long dis­tances and re­main away from home for health ser­vices. It is im­pe­ra­tive that we, as the Mé­tis Go­vern­ment, pur­sue long-term healthcare be­ne­fits like the First Na­tions. The 2016 Da­niel’s De­ci­sion by the Su­preme Court of Ca­na­da clear­ly states that we are to be trea­ted with fair­ness and equa­li­ty.


Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, we will have the streng­the­ned abi­li­ty to ne­go­tiate im­pro­ved, af­for­dable, sus­tai­nable and safe housing for Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens. Ins­tead of being an af­ter­thought, lum­ped in­to a fe­de­ral bud­get line with other groups and agen­cies, we will have the au­tho­ri­ty to de­ve­lop a stra­te­gy using ap­pro­priate mea­sures and bench­marks that ac­cu­ra­te­ly re­flect the rea­li­ty of our towns and vil­lages and the housing needs for our fa­mi­lies.


For example, th­rough self-go­vern­ment, the Mé­tis will be able to de­ter­mine op­por­tu­ni­ties to pro­tect and de­ve­lop resources stem­ming from res­pon­sible wa­ter ste­ward­ship. These could in­clude de­ve­lo­ping eco­tou­rism, fish har­ves­ting, as well as lake and ri­ver clean-up to pro­tect and en­hance im­por­tant spaw­ning lo­ca­tions. It could al­so mean im­ple­men­ting mea­sures to main­tain the balance of eco­no­mics and environment, as well as pro­tec­ting tra­di­tio­nal ru­ral in­dus­tries iden­ti­fied by Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens.


Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens have in­di­ca­ted that edu­ca­tion is cri­ti­cal to the long-term suc­cess of our Mé­tis Na­tion. The MMF was gi­ven this di­rec­tion by our fa­mi­lies, our El­ders and our youth. We have been told that this is the num­ber one prio­ri­ty for the Mé­tis Go­vern­ment. The MMF has al­rea­dy se­cu­red $21 mil­lion, but it’s still not en­ough to meet the needs of our edu­ca­tion. Be­co­ming a self-go­vern­ment will en­able us to se­cure more fun­ding to­wards the goal of en­su­ring eve­ry Mé­tis Ci­ti­zen who wants to go to school can do so.

De­ve­lo­ping iden­ti­fied eco­no­mic op­por­tu­ni­ties will al­so re­quire an in­vest­ment in edu­ca­tion, en­tre­pre­neur­ship and bu­si­ness de­ve­lop­ment. These sup­por­ting in­vest­ments will as­sist our Ci­ti­zens in rea­ching their ear­ning po­ten­tial. This will in turn lead to in­crea­sed re­ve­nues in­to Mé­tis towns and vil­lages as our people be­gin to spend what they earn. A more af­fluent Com­mu­ni­ty will mean Mé­tis Ci­ti­zens can in­vest in and sup­port lo­cal mar­kets and bu­si­nesses, the­re­by fur­ther im­pro­ving the ove­rall so­cio-eco­no­mic well-being of our Mé­tis Com­mu­ni­ty.


Fol­lo­wing the strong lea­der­ship of President Chartrand and the MMF Ca­bi­net, we have been able to de­ve­lop ro­bust eco­no­mic op­por­tu­ni­ties in the areas of Ener­gy and Construc­tion. We have been able to take what we have ear­ned and put it in­to ca­pi­tal pro­jects. For example, the mo­ney ear­ned th­rough part­ner­ships with Ma­ni­to­ba Hy­dro have been rein­ves­ted in­to ca­pi­tal pro­jects, such as the are­na in St. Laurent, and Ve­te­ran’s Mo­nu­ments just like the one in the Mé­tis vil­lage of Ki­no­so­ta and the one being made in St. Eus­tache.

Al­so, MEDO Care Phar­ma­cy is able to pro­vide our Mé­tis Se­niors with free eye­glasses be­cause of the re­ve­nue it earns. The more mo­ney the Mé­tis Go­vern­ment earns, the more ser­vices it can of­fer. Self­go­vern­ment pro­vides the abi­li­ty to fur­ther these ini­tia­tives by in­crea­sing in­vest­ments in­to Mé­tis-dri­ven bu­si­nesses

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