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The MMF an­noun­ced a new healthcare pro­gram mo­del ai­med at di­rect­ly re­spon­ding to the needs of its more vul­ne­rable se­niors, with sup­ple­men­tal be­ne­fits com­ple­men­ting the health ser­vices avai­lable to Mé­tis people.


Uni­ver­si­ty of Win­ni­peg and the MMF si­gned an agree­ment to pro­vide scho­lar­ships to Mé­tis stu­dents in­ter­es­ted in pur­suing post­doc­to­ral work. An ad­di­tio­nal $600,000 will sup­port re­search th­rough a grant of $60,000 an­nual­ly for the next ten years.


The Ho­nou­rable Ca­ro­lyn Ben­nett, Mi­nis­ter of Crown-In­di­ge­nous Re­la­tions and Nor­thern Af­fairs Ca­na­da, of­fi­cial­ly an­noun­ced $4.6 mil­lion in fun­ding to build a pro­po­sed Mé­tis heritage centre, with construc­tion sche­du­led to be­gin next year at Up­per Fort Gar­ry, where Louis Riel's pro­vi­sio­nal go­vern­ment was foun­ded.

RCMP De­pu­ty Com­mis­sio­ner Ke­vin Bros­seau al­so si­gned an agree­ment with the MMF and the Mé­tis Na­tio­nal Coun­cil (MNC) for the re­turn of three Louis Riel ar­ti­facts – his cru­ci­fix, a hun­ting knife and a book of his poe­try – as soon as the heritage centre is com­ple­ted.

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