When Pas­sion Meets Culture

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In 2013, Jen­nine Krau­chi em­broi­de­red what she calls the grea­test work of her life as an ar­tist: an al­most eight-metre high “Oc­to­pus” bag, for the Ca­na­dian Mu­seum for Hu­man Rights. “It show­ca­sed the Me­tis culture and I think it was real­ly worth it, as the his­to­ry of the Me­tis de­serves to be heard.”

Jen­nine Krau­chi is a Me­tis ar­tist and has been doing bead­work since she was a child. Me­tis art and culture have al­ways been part of her life. “Even if that’s not the word that was used at the time, we were li­ving Me­tis culture eve­ry day. That was our li­fe­style. And, na­tu­ral­ly, as I grew up in that culture, I was al­ways sur­roun­ded by bea­ding.”

With her two-needle tech­nique, she spreads the Me­tis culture through her ma­ny works, ex­hi­bi­ted not on­ly in the Ma­ni­to­ba Mu­seum, but as far away as Eu­rope. She proud­ly ad­mits that her bea­ding style re­flects the Me­tis culture: “I love that style! The Me­tis have had their own style for quite some time. It is, ob­vious­ly, a blend of two cultures. You can feel the in­fluence of the French em­broi­de­ry with that of in­di­ge­nous wo­men and their love of na­ture. I’m ve­ry hap­py to see it being prac­ti­ced and ce­le­bra­ted more and more no­wa­days.”

This tra­di­tio­nal style, com­bi­ning co­lours and dark fa­brics like vel­vet, is by far her most pre­fer­red. And when she’s not em­broi­de­ring at home, she’s tea­ching the art of bea­ding. “I real­ly love what I do! A good thing, as I’m al­most al­ways bea­ding. I make sure there’s al­ways some Me­tis in­fluence in what I make. The beau­ty of bea­ding and its mo­tifs ins­pire me. Each bead­work piece tells a sto­ry.”

« J’aime tel­le­ment ce que je fais! Heu­reu­se­ment, car je suis presque constam­ment en train de per­ler! » “I real­ly love what I do! A good thing, as I’m al­most al­ways bea­ding.” - Jen­nine Krau­chi

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