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Aware of the chal­lenges awai­ting fu­ture ge­ne­ra­tions, the MMF has made cer­tain to pro­vide sup­port to Me­tis youth, whe­re­ver they are lo­ca­ted in the pro­vince. By es­ta­bli­shing the Youth Coun­cil, the MMF hopes to be tu­ned in­to its youth re­pre­sen­ta­tives, their needs, and the bar­riers they face on a dai­ly ba­sis, in the areas of edu­ca­tion, job sear­ching or even when it comes to just main­tai­ning a con­nec­tion with the rich his­to­ry of those who have gone be­fore them.

Com­pri­sed of nine mem­bers, in­clu­ding one re­pre­sen­ta­tive from the MMF and one from the In­fi­ni­ty Wo­men Se­cre­ta­riat, the Youth Coun­cil comes under the au­tho­ri­ty of Mi­nis­ter Ri­chard Ge­naille and his As­so­ciate Mi­nis­ter, Mo­na Buors, for the He­ri­tage, Culture, Sports and Youth port­fo­lio.

A true bridge bet­ween ge­ne­ra­tions, the Youth Coun­cil is al­so in­ten­ded to be a path to­wards Me­tis youth ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty. Those that, maybe to­mor­row, we’ll find at the controls of a Me­tis go­vern­ment fo­cu­sed on the fu­ture.

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