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Em­brun-ba­sed cli­nic will soon be laun­ching a new service cal­led Seed 2 Weed for re­gis­te­red pa­tients using ma­ri­jua­na, pro­vi­ding them with the equip­ment, pro­ducts and ex­per­tise to grow their own can­na­bis.

Se­ven months ago, Jeff La­mou­reux, a ma­na­ging consul­tant, part­ne­red with In­foCan­na­bis ow­ner and di­rec­tor Frank Me­de­war to bring the cli­nic to the next le­vel, and help pa­tients dis­co­ver how can­na­bis can help them with their chro­nic ill­ness.

Edu­ca­tion of can­na­bis in its va­rying ways and forms is the main concern for the two edu­ca­tio­nal pro­fes­sio­nals. “We have wo­men with en­do­me­trio­sis, who can ac­tual­ly take a sup­po­si­to­ry and it re­moves the pain,” ex­plai­ned Me­de­war.

In fact, more and more sta­tis­tics and sto­ries are sup­por­ting the me­di­cal po­wers of weed, as the ow­ner him­self wit­nes­sed: “We have a ma­dam who had stage four can­cer. Last year, when I first sat down with her, they gave her maybe a month and a half to live. Two weeks ago, she got her re­sults and has no­thing but scar tis­sue left where the tu­mor was. She used can­na­bis oil.”

From first time users of can­na­bis to pal­lia­tive care pa­tients, the goal of the two edu­ca­tors is to help anyone who al­so has a cur­rent me­di­cal diag­no­sis in Ca­na­da, and pro­vide them with so­lu­tions other than strong phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal pro­ducts.

“It’s pret­ty phe­no­me­nal,” said La­mou­reux, ex­plai­ning how ma­ri­jua­na contri­butes to chan­ging pa­tients’ way of life. “They go from ta­king mor­phine and being stuck to the couch not doing any­thing, to ta­king CBD (can­na­bi­diol) oil and being able to cut the grass, to eat and al­most do back­flips.”

Can­na­bi­diol (CBD) is one of the most pre­valent che­mi­cal com­pounds in the can­na­bis plant. Un­like the more fa­mous mo­le­cule, te­tra­hy­dro­can­na­bi­nol (THC), CBD is com­ple­te­ly non­psy­choac­tive, mea­ning pa­tients don’t get “high” off of this or­ga­nic che­mi­cal. CBD is all re­laxa­tion wi­thout in­toxi­ca­tion.

The cur­rent me­di­cal ma­ri­jua­na re­gu­la­tions in Ca­na­da for gro­wing ma­ri­jua­na for me­di­cal pur­poses came in­to ef­fect in Au­gust 2016, and the amount of ma­ri­jua­na that can be grown by a re­gis­te­red pa­tient de­pends on how much ma­ri­jua­na they have been pres­cri­bed per day. Ac­cor­ding to the Seed 2 Weed part­ners, gro­wing pro­vides a way more af­for­dable op­tion for pa­tients.

Full le­ga­li­za­tion of ma­ri­jua­na ap­pears to be on track for Ju­ly 2018, which will make Ca­na­da just the se­cond na­tion in the world, af­ter Uru­guay, to com­ple­te­ly le­ga­lize the culti­va­tion, sale and pos­ses­sion of the drug for me­di­cal and re­crea­tio­nal pur­poses.

“We are going to be sel­ling can­na­bis, we are just wai­ting for the green flag,” ad­ded La­mou­reux, who en­vi­sions the bu­si­ness as a Cost­co for can­na­bis. “Our goal is not to get the weed from the street, it’s to go through the li­cen­sed dis­pen­sa­ries and sell their weed. We want to be the lea­ding front.”

Du­ring the meet-and-greet bar­be­cue, which will be held out­side in the back of their of­fices (866 Notre Dame Street, Em­brun) on Au­gust 26, the edu­ca­tio­nal pro­fes­sio­nals will be avai­lable to ans­wer any ques­tions on their new ser­vices - ran­ging from gro­wing equip­ment and gro­wing consul­ta­tions, to pro­fes­sio­nal grow room se­tup.

—pho­to Vicky Char­bon­neau

Les par­te­naires Jeff La­mou­reux (consul­tant en ges­tion), à gauche, et Frank Me­de­war (pro­prié­taire et di­rec­teur) or­ga­nisent un bar­be­cue le 26 août pro­chain afin de lan­cer la nou­velle branche d’In­foCan­na­bis, vi­sant à four­nir l’équi­pe­ment, les ser­vices et...

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