Cas­sel­man man convic­ted on child porn charge

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Da­vid Prest of Cas­sel­man will spend the rest of the year at the St. La­wrence Val­ley Cor­rec­tio­nal and Treat­ment Centre: Se­cure Treat­ment Unit in Bro­ck­ville for his convic­tion on a charge of pos­ses­sion of child por­no­gra­phy.

Prest pled guil­ty to the charge du­ring the Fe­brua­ry 14 pro­vin­cial court ses­sion in L’Ori­gnal. The charge re­sul­ted from a com­bi­ned in­ves­ti­ga­tion of la Sû­re­té du Qué­bec and the Rus­sell Coun­ty OPP from May to June 2017.

The in­ves­ti­ga­tion be­gan May 2017 af­ter Prest drop­ped off a thumb­drive at the self­serve pho­to de­ve­lo­ping kiosk at the Jean Cou­tu Phar­ma­cy in Cas­sel­man. The drive went to a pho­to lab in Mon­tréal for pro­ces­sing.

The tech­ni­cian who ope­ned the di­gi­tal sto­rage de­vice for treat­ment found more than 30 images of na­ked girls un­der the age 13 along with an as­sort­ment of car­toon cha­rac­ters like Li­sa Simp­son and Do­ra the Ex­plo­rer that had been di­gi­tal­ly al­te­red to look like na­ked 13-year-old ver­sions of the ori­gi­nals.

The pho­to lab contac­ted po­lice and la Sû­re­té took charge of the in­ves­ti­ga­tion. The OPP were contac­ted af­ter pho­to lab re­cords sho­wed the thumb­drive came from the Cas­sel­man phar­ma­cy.

Po­lice ar­res­ted Prest in June and had him show them the lo­ca­tion of the com­pu­ter where he had down­loa­ded the images. Since his ar­rest, ac­cor­ding to a Crown coun­sel re­port, Prest has not had ac­cess to a com­pu­ter.

Prest has one prior convic­tion from Oc­to­ber 2011 for pos­ses­sion of child por­no­gra­phy, for which he re­cei­ved a condi­tio­nal sen­tence of two years less one day and was pla­ced on pro­ba­tion for that term.

Du­ring the Fe­brua­ry 14 sen­ten­cing hea- ring Crown coun­sel pre­sen­ted a co­py of a psy­cho­lo­gi­cal eva­lua­tion from the Royal Ot­ta­wa Hos­pi­tal that sta­ted Prest would be at “above ave­rage” risk to reof­fend if he did not re­ceive treat­ment. Both Crown and de­fence coun­sels agreed that in­car­ce­ra­tion at a treat­ment centre fol­lo­wed by pro­ba­tion with condi­tions for fur­ther treat­ment would be best for Prest.

Prest re­cei­ved a sen­tence of one year at the Bro­ck­ville treat­ment centre fol­lo­wed by th­ree years pro­ba­tion. The terms of his pro­ba­tion in­clude a court or­der for­bid­ding him to be anyw­here wi­thin 250 metres of the Jean Cou­tu Phar­ma­cy in Cas­sel­man. He must pay a $200 vic­tim’s sur­charge.

Du­ring his pro­ba­tion Prest must take any coun­sel­ling his pro­ba­tion of­fi­cer re­com­mends.

He is for­bid­den contact or com­mu­ni­ca­tion with or to be in the pre­sence of any chil­dren, male or fe­male, un­der the age of 18, un­less he is ac­com­pa­nied by a cour­tap­pro­ved adult. He is not al­lo­wed ac­cess to or pos­ses­sion of any de­vice or tech­no­lo­gy ca­pable of lin­king to the In­ter­net. He is not al­lo­wed ac­cess to the In­ter­net un­less a cour­tap­pro­ved adult is present.

Prest is pro­hi­bi­ted for the rest of his life from pos­ses­sing fi­rearms, ex­plo­sives, or any type of wea­pons or si­mu­la­ted wea­pons. He is al­so pro­hi­bi­ted un­der Sec­tion 161 of the Cri­mi­nal Code of Ca­na­da from being at any pu­blic park, swim­ming pool, day­care, com­mu­ni­ty centre or si­mi­lar fa­ci­li­ty where chil­dren are present, and he is not al­lo­wed to hold any jobs or vo­lun­teer po­si­tions where he has au­tho­ri­ty or res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for chil­dren. This pro­hi­bi­tion may be mo­di­fied de­pen­ding on fu­ture court re­view of his the­ra­py pro­gress.

He must pro­vide a blood sample for po­lice DNA re­cords and his name will be on the po­lice list of re­gis­te­red sex of­fen­ders for a 20-year per­iod.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Charles Prest de Cas­sel­man pas­se­ra une an­née à l’uni­té de trai­te­ment en mi­lieu fer­mé du Centre cor­rec­tion­nel et de trai­te­ment de la val­lée du Saint-Laurent à Bro­ck­ville à la suite de sa condam­na­tion pour pos­ses­sion de por­no­gra­phie in­fan­tile à la cours de L’Ori­gnal. Prest pro­fi­te­ra d’une thé­ra­pie au centre du­rant son in­car­cé­ra­tion et il conti­nue­ra à suivre une thé­ra­pie du­rant sa pé­riode de pro­ba­tion de trois ans après avoir quit­té le centre.

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