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It is the last chance for two teams in the Na­tio­nal Ca­pi­tal Ju­nior Ho­ckey League to win them­selves a chance in the sea­son playoffs se­ries star­ting in March. For two other teams, it is one more chance to show that they have al­rea­dy ear­ned their berth in the playoffs.

The re­gu­lar sea­son for the Na­tio­nal Ca­pi­tal Ju­nior Ho­ckey League (NCJHL) wrap­ped up over the Fa­mi­ly Day wee­kend. As of Mon­day, the Pa­pi­neau­ville Vi­kings fi­ni­shed the sche­dule with a win-loss re­cord of 25-7 and 50 points ove­rall in the ove­rall stan­dings, ma­king them the top club in the ju­nior C ho­ckey league.

In se­cond place is the Ga­ti­neau HullVo­lant with 22-11 for their game re­cord and 44 points. The North Dun­das Ro­ckets and the Cum­ber­land Ban­dits are tied for third ove­rall with 43 points each.

Fol­lo­wing af­ter are the St-Isi­dore Eagles and the Cla­rence Creek Cas­tors, al­so tied with each other at 41 points. The Met­calfe Jets are next with 37 points, the Vank­leek Hill Cou­gars with 33, the Mor­ris­burg Lions at 24, the South Gren­ville Ran­gers 20, Black­burn In­fer­no 11, and the By­town Royals at the bot­tom with se­ven points.

Their ba­se­ment-le­vel fi­nishes in the 20172018 sche­dule have eli­mi­na­ted Black­burn and By­town from the NCJHL playoffs. But the Fe­brua­ry game sche­dule for the other four teams ahead of them did not fi­nish with the Fa­mi­ly Day wee­kend.

The NCJHL de­ci­ded to hold a two-night pre­playoff mi­ni­playoffs this week, put­ting the Ran­gers against the Jets, and the Lions against the Cou­gars. South Gren­ville and Mor­ris­burg hos­ted the Tues­day night ope­ning game of the pre-playoffs mi­ni. Wed­nes­day night, the Cou­gars face the Lions once more in Vank­leek Hill while the Jets take off from their home ice against the Ran­gers.

Re­sults of the pre-playoff mi­ni se­ries will help de­ter­mine whe­ther or not the Cou­gars move on to the NCJHL playoffs rounds. StI­si­dore and Cla­rence Creek are both se­cure in their berths for the playoffs.

Les Cou­gars de Vank­leek Hill se­ront-ils sur la liste des équipes pour les sé­ries éli­mi­na­toires de la Ligue de ho­ckey ju­nior de la ca­pi­tale na­tio­nale? Ce­la dé­pend s’ils peuvent battre les Lions de Mor­ris­burg une fois de plus dans une mi­ni-sé­rie éli­mi­na­toire cette se­maine.

—pho­to Ca­ro­line Pré­vost

Les Che­va­liers de Co­lomb ont re­mis à 12 jeunes un tro­phée qu’ils ont ob­te­nu en rem­por­tant la pre­mière place dans leur ca­té­go­rie lors d’un tour­noi de lan­cer libre. Ce tour­noi s’est dé­rou­lé quelques se­maines plus tôt à Cas­sel­man. Ce der­nier, qui a lieu...

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