Fra­ser Ins­ti­tute ranks On­ta­rio se­con­da­ry schools


Cer­tain high schools in Eas­tern On­ta­rio are ran­ked among­st the top high schools in the pro­vince, ac­cor­ding to the Fra­ser Ins­ti­tute.

The Fra­ser Ins­ti­tute re­lea­sed last week its an­nual re­port card on On­ta­rio’s Se­con­da­ry Schools for 2018. Among the 747 se­con­da­ry schools in­clu­ded in the re­port, St. Tho­mas Aqui­nas Ca­tho­lic High School in Rus­sell re­cei­ved the hi­ghest score among the En­glish schools in Eas­tern On­ta­rio. The school re­cei­ved a 7.8/10 score and ran­ked 68th ove­rall in the pro­vince.

The Fra­ser Ins­ti­tute’s Re­port Card ranks On­ta­rio’s se­con­da­ry schools on se­ven aca­de­mic in­di­ca­tors ba­sed on the re­sults of the an­nual pro­vince-wide Grade 9 math and Grade 10 li­te­ra­cy tests. The ave­rage grades for these two tests are ta­ken in­to ac­count, as well as the per­cen­tage of stu­dents who re­cei­ved pas­sing grades and those who re­cei­ved be­low stan­dard grades.

St. Fran­cis Xa­vier School in Ham­mond al­so re­cei­ved a re­la­ti­ve­ly high ran­king with a score of 7.4/10 and a place of 141 out of 747. It is al­so worth no­ting that École se­con­daire ca­tho­lique L’Es­cale in Ro­ck­land tied that score. In ad­di­tion, École se­con­daire pu­blique Le Som­met in Haw­kes­bu­ry is the hi­ghest ran­king se­con­da­ry school in Eas­tern On­ta­rio. The school is ran­ked 25th in the pro­vince ove­rall and re­cei­ved a score of 8.6/10.

Of the se­ven aca­de­mic cri­te­ria used to rank the schools, the Fra­ser Ins­ti­tute al­so takes in­to consi­de­ra­tion the dif­fe­rence in aca­de­mic per­for­mance bet­ween gen­ders. As is true for pre­vious years, girls tend to ge­ne­ral­ly per­form hi­gher than their male peers. The re­port card al­so takes in­to consi­de­ra­tion the per­cen­tage of stu­dents with spe­cial needs and lear­ning dif­fi­cul­ties, at each school.

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