Pan­thers lose first playoff game

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The Em­brun Pan­thers lost their first playoff game in what was a nail-bi­ting bat­tle against the Ot­ta­wa West Gol­den Knights.

The teams squa­red off for their first playoff game on Mon­day, Fe­brua­ry 26 at the Bar­ba­ra Ann Scott Are­na. The Pan­thers fought long and hard the en­tire game, but the Gol­den Knights took home the win in the fi­nal se­conds.

Ot­ta­wa West ope­ned the sco­ring half­way through the first per­iod with a po­wer play goal by Luke Mul­vi­hill. The Pan­thers got ano­ther pe­nal­ty ear­ly in the se­cond and the Gol­den Knights pro­fi­ted ano­ther goal from that. The Pan­thers then fi­nal­ly re­spon­ded with their own po­wer play goal, but the Gol­den Knights found the back of the net once more. The se­cond per­iod en­ded with a score of 3-1 for Ot­ta­wa.

With nine mi­nutes re­mai­ning in the game, the Pan­thers pul­led goa­lie Jean-Pas­cal Sa­bou­rin and Mark Mor­ri­son qui­ck­ly put in a goal for his team. The Pan­thers were on a po­wer play du­ring the last two mi­nutes of the game and Je­re­my Bar­rie tied the game 3-3 for Em­brun with eight se­conds re­mai­ning.

Just as the Pan­thers thought they were hea­ding to over­time, Luke Mul­vi­hill sco­red his se­cond of the night with th­ree se­conds left in the game to win it for Ot­ta­wa West.

Al­though the Pan­thers were dealt a de­vas­ta­ting loss in their first playoff game, they en­ded their re­gu­lar sea­son in a fai­ry­tale way Fri­day, Fe­brua­ry 23, with a big win in their home are­na. They de­fea­ted the Bro­ck­ville Ti­kis for their fans at the Em­brun Are­na in a mas­sive 7-3 win. The Pan­thers took ad­van­tage of their two po­wer plays in the first per­iod, sco­ring on both of them. Noah Haymes and Marc Bros­seau were res­pon­sible. Ka­rim Se­lim nar­ro­wed the lead 2-1 for the Ti­kis near the end of the first.

Pan­thers’ Joey Lar­cher ca­pi­ta­li­zed on two back-to-back po­wer plays, sco­ring a goal du­ring each one. Bros­seau then sco­red Em­brun’s fifth goal to make the score 5-1.

The Ti­kis fi­nal­ly took ad­van­tage of a po­wer play them­selves. Ka­rim Se­lim sco­red his se­cond of the night and was soon joi­ned by team­mate Alex Lau­zon with ano­ther goal, ma­king the score 5-3 less than half­way through the third per­iod. The Pan­thers then pi­cked up the pace again, sco­ring ano­ther two goals, en­ding their sea­son with a 7-3 vic­to­ry. Marc Bros­seau al­so left on a high note, with a hat trick.

The Pan­thers vs. Gol­den Knights’ next playoff game will be held at the Em­brun Are­na on Wed­nes­day, Fe­brua­ry 28.

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Les Pan­thères d’Em­brun ont per­du leur pre­mier match éli­mi­na­toire 4-3 lors d’une ba­taille achar­née le 26 fé­vrier der­nier contre les Gol­den Knights d’Ot­ta­wa Ouest.

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