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The OPP re­minds dri­vers that On­ta­rio pas­sed a traf­fic sa­fe­ty law in 2016 to pro­tect pe­des­trians at mar­ked cros­sings. Dri­vers must stop when they see so­meone cros­sing the road at a mar­ked pedestrian cross­walk. Pe­des­trians are al­so re­min­ded to use mar­ked cross­walks to cross streets and al­so to do so when traf­fic and cros­sing si­gnals in­di­cate they can. Al­so pay at­ten­tion to traf­fic and do not be a “dis­trac­ted wal­ker” at a cros­sing. Mo­to­rists should al­so re­mem­ber the spe­cial traf­fic rules when dri­ving through a school zone or when ap­proa­ching a school bus, which has stop­ped and has its si­gnal lights.

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