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La Com­pa­gnie d’édi­tion An­dré Pa­quette (EAP) ga­the­red reac­tions from the mayors of the for­mer­ly red ri­ding of Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell, af­ter its election of Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive MPP Amanda Simard.

Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell has not elec­ted anyone but a Li­be­ral MPP since the crea­tion of the ri­ding in 1996. The dis­trict tur­ned blue af­ter elec­ting PC can­di­date Amanda Simard in last week’s pro­vin­cial elec­tions.

“It is a good thing that the coun­ties went blue with the pro­vince be­cause it will be more fa­vo­rable for us and we will have bet­ter re­pre­sen­ta­tion in To­ron­to by ha­ving Amanda Simard there,” com­men­ted Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land Mayor Guy Des­jar­dins. don’t know who the new mi­nis­ters will be and we don’t know Mr. Ford’s in­ten­tions.”

Most lo­cal mayors have com­men­ted that they are loo­king for­ward to mee­ting with Simard to dis­cuss se­ve­ral is­sues. Haw­kes­bu­ry Mayor Jeanne Char­le­bois wishes to keep the fo­cus on her town’s eco­no­mic and so­cial de­ve­lop­ment pro­jects. “It’s al­ways a ques­tion of in­fra­struc­ture,” she com­men­ted. “I would ap­pre­ciate more mo­ney for our youth [pro­jects] and for pu­blic hou­sing.”

The Mayor of Cas­sel­man, Con­rad La­ma­de­leine, no­ted that he was not sur­pri­sed the conser­va­tives came in­to po­wer be­cause we were ve­ry well-ser­ved,” he com­men­ted. So, I hope [Simard] will gain ex­pe­rience fast en­ough so that it can be­ne­fit the tax­payers and that she will fo­cus on is­sues that will be­ne­fit the UCPR and the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties.”

Rus­sell Town­ship Mayor Pierre Le­roux, on his part, no­ted that the new pro­vin­cial go­vern­ment can be a big help with get­ting the 417 In­dus­trial Park ex­pan­sion pro­ject pro­vin­cial and fe­de­ral sup­port for get­ting things rol­ling,” he said. hopes for po­si­tive re­sults from this election. “I would like to see more flexi­bi­li­ty for lo­cal here and we know what our needs are.” UCPR St-Amour, echoed this po­si­tion as well. He al­so high­ligh­ted the need for fi­nan­cial sup­port for mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties from the pro­vince. “It is cer­tain that there are grants that we would like to re­main in place so as not to do more harm fi­nan­cial­ly,” he said. “A lot of mo­ney has been spent in the big ci­ties and I don’t think it’s ve­ry fair. They have to do so­me­thing about it.”

Des­jar­dins rei­te­ra­ted the need for ma­ny unans­we­red ques­tions to be ad­dres­sed, concer­ning se­ve­ral dif­ferent is­sues, pri­ma­ri­ly the on­going High­way 174/Coun­ty Road 17 dis­cus­sion. Af­ter congra­tu­la­ting Simard on her win the mor­ning af­ter the election, Des­jar­dins has al­rea­dy re­ques­ted a mee­ting with the new MPP. He is still awai­ting a res­ponse.

Mayor Fer­nand Di­caire, of Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net, em­pha­si­zed that his main prio­ri­ty in of­fice is se­cu­ring the fu­ture of the fran­co­phone Col­lège d’Al­fred. “I hope that Amanda will re­present us well be­cause it is im­pe­ra­tive that fran­co­phones stand our ground and, as per usual, we must fight to keep our place,” he com­men­ted.

Mayor Ga­ry Bar­ton of Cham­plain Town­ship was out of town on va­ca­tion du­ring the week fol­lo­wing the pro­vin­cial election and, the­re­fore, una­vai­lable for comment.

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La Com­pa­gnie d’édi­tion An­dré Pa­quette (EAP) a re­cueilli les ré­ac­tions des maires de Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell, à la suite de l’élec­tion de la députée provinciale pro­gres­siste-conser­va­trice Amanda Simard. Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell n’a élu per­sonne...

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