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The trade war bet­ween Ca­na­da and the Uni­ted States over Pre­sident Do­nald Trump’s new ta­riffs on Ca­na­dian steel and alu­mi­num is still at the ear­ly stage. But MP Fran­cis Drouin is al­rea­dy in touch with lo­cal in­dus­tries and bu­si­nesses.

“I’ve been dea­ling with them for the past six months on this is­sue,” said Drouin du­ring a June 7 in­ter­view. “I have rea­ched out to a few of the com­pa­nies that could be af­fec­ted. I think that the res­ponse of Ca­na­da so far has been a well-mea­su­red res­ponse.”

Le dé­pu­té Fran­cis Drouin est dé­jà en contact avec les in­dus­tries et les en­tre­prises de sa cir­cons­crip­tion, pour sa­voir comment les nou­veaux ta­rifs pour­raient les tou­cher.

Pre­sident Trump im­po­sed ta­riffs of 25 per cent and 10 per cent on fo­rei­gn steel and alu­mi­num ex­ports to the U.S. The main tar­gets for the ta­riff are Chi­na, Ja­pan, South Ko­rea, and the Eu­ro­pean Union. But Trump in­clu­ded Ca­na­dian steel and alu­mi­num pro­ducts un­der the ta­riff, clai­ming those im­ports present a “se­cu­ri­ty risk” to the U.S. Po­li­ti­cal ex­perts agree that the pre­sident’s ac­tion is more a res­ponse to Ca­na­da’s re­fu­sal to ac­cept Ame­ri­can de­mands for changes to NAFA which would fa­vor the U.S.

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