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You’d like to get fit but have no idea which sport to choose? Here are five criteria that will help you make an in­for­med choice.

1. Your per­so­na­li­ty

Do you love sports? Ac­ti­vi­ties such as moun­tain bi­king, skiing and clim­bing are ideal for sur­pas­sing your­self. If you pre­fer to re­lax or be in har­mo­ny with na­ture, think about trying yo­ga, tai chi, hi­king or ca­noeing. You’re a ho­me­bo­dy? Exer­ci­sing in your pool, lif­ting weights or jum­ping rope will al­low you to keep fit at home.

2. Your pre­fe­rences

Na­tu­ral­ly, your choice de­pends on what ap­peals to you. You love ex­pres­sing your­self crea­ti­ve­ly, or chat­ting as you work out? You pre­fer the great out­doors and thril­ls? You won’t be able to so­cia­lize as much if you choose weight­lif­ting over a team sport, and dan­cing is more ar­tis­tic than run­ning.

3. Your goals

Do you have spe­ci­fic goals? If you want to im­prove your flexi­bi­li­ty or en­du­rance, for ins­tance, find out about the be­ne­fits of sports that ap­peal to you and then pick one that will help you to reach your ob­jec­tives.

4. Your free time

Time is an im­por­tant fac­tor. Car­dio classes will pro­ba­bly take up less of your time than a tennis match, for example.

5. Ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty

Cost is so­me­times a de­ci­ding fac­tor, but other criteria al­so have to be ta­ken in­to ac­count, such as time and lo­ca­tion. Si­gning up for a class whose sche­dule constant­ly forces you to rush or to tra­vel long dis­tances could end up dis­cou­ra­ging you in the long run.

Yo­ga, skiing, soc­cer or maybe bal­let: have you made your choice?

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