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Traffic may run a bit slow so­me­times at the Ro­ck­dale Road overpass route bet­ween Rus­sell Town­ship and the Ci­ty of Ot­ta­wa. The pro­vin­cial trans­port mi­nis­try is ins­tal­ling traffic con­trol lights at the site.

Mi­nis­try of Tran­spor­ta­tion me­dia liai­son Bran­dy Du­haime (MoT) ex­plai­ned in an email to the Re­fiet-News that the construc­tion crew on site is wor­king on set­ting up a traffic con­trol sys­tem and al­so wi­de­ning part of one in­ter­sec­tion to create a new left-turn lane on­to the east­bound part of High­way 417. "Work is ex­pec­ted to be com­ple­ted this fall,” sta­ted Du­haime. She ad­ded that the mi­nis­try ex­pects com­ple­tion by mid-De­cem­ber at the la­test. The recent cold and rai­ny wea­ther has de­layed some of the work. As­ked about traffic de­lays be­cause of construc­tion, Du­halme sta­ted that the contrac­tor is mo­ni­to­ring the si­tua­tion and trying to main­tain a stea­dy traffic flow. "Lane clo­su­red of Ro­ck­dale Road and on the sta­ted. the in­ter­sec­tion ramps “The mi­nis­try are ne­ces­sa­ry im­pro­ve­ments,” apo­lo­gizes to com­plete for she any mo­ni­tor in­con­ve­nience tra­vel­ling traffic im­pacts and has not made pu­blic. the mi­nis­try aware of that any Our queues from this the contrac­tor ramp to High­way may 417. If there cause queues, conti­nues the contrac­tor would for be re­qui­red the to to al­low that traffic to flow through the in­ter­sec­tion to en­sure the sa­fe­ty of all mo­to­rists on the high­way and on the ramp." Du­haime no­ted that ve­hicle traffic and pe­des­trian cros­sing num­bers for that in­ter­sec­tion area meet MoT plan­ning gui­de­lines to war­rant ins­tal­la­tion of a traffic con­trol sys­tem to meet traffic sa­fe­ty needs. “In the past, the mi­nis­try has re­cei­ved mul­tiple com­ments on the need to ins­tall traffic con­trol si­gnals," sta­ted Du­haime, "and a nor­th­bound left-turn lane at this lo­ca­tion.”

She al­so no­ted the pro­ject falls un­der the Class C en­vi­ron­men­tal ap­pro­val gui­de­line, which does not re­qui­red an au­to­ma­tic full pu­blic consul­ta­tion. "Ho­we­ver, the mi­nis­try did consult with lo­cal emer­gen­cy ser­vices, mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties, and agen­cies, lea­ding up to construc­tion,” she sta­ted.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Les au­to­mo­bi­listes qui em­pruntent le via­duc du che­min Ro­ck­dale entre le can­ton de Rus­sell et la ville d’Ot­ta­wa de­vront peut-être s’ha­bi­tuer à cer­tains re­tards de cir­cu­la­tion. Le mi­nis­tère des Trans­ports de l’On­ta­rio a des équipes de construc­tion sur le site qui ins­tallent de l’équi­pe­ment pour les feux de cir­cu­la­tion à l’in­ter­sec­tion et qui élar­gissent éga­le­ment une par­tie du che­min pour créer une nou­velle voie de vi­rage à gauche sur l’au­to­route 417 en di­rec­tion est. Les ré­centes pluies ont re­tar­dé l’échéan­cier de cer­tains tra­vaux du pro­jet, mais les re­pré­sen­tants du mi­nis­tère s’at­tendent tou­jours à ce que tous les tra­vaux soient ter­mi­nés d’ici la fin de no­vembre ou le dé­but de dé­cembre.

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