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There sure was a taste for roas­ted Doc à la Me­nard on De­cem­ber 1. The Em­brun Com­mu­ni­ty Centre was pa­cked du­ring a recent roas­ting of lo­cal well-known and be­lo­ved me­di­cal doc­tor “How ma­ny classes did you sleep through?” one spea­ker as­ked the doc­tor, who of them,” he re­plied, cau­sing an erup­tion of laughter.

A roast is a form of Ame­ri­can hu­mour in which a spe­ci­fic in­di­vi­dual, a guest of ho­nour, is sub­jec­ted to jokes at their ex­pense, in­ten­ded to amuse the event’s wi­der au­dience. The event, or­ga­ni­zed by the Kin Club of Rus­sell, was held in or­der to raise funds for the fu­ture Rus­sell Town­ship Aqua Centre.

“Has anyone ever been pri­cked by Dr. “I know I have!” He then re­trie­ved a big sy­ringe filled with wa­ter and sprayed the lat­ter, who was smi­ling.

The au­dience was al­so trea­ted to va­rious de­li­cious en­trées.

- pe­ting in se­ve­ral middle- and long-dis­tance run­ning events. In ad­di­tion, he has had his wri­ting pu­bli­shed in se­ve­ral me­di­cal pu­bli­ca­tions.

—pho­to Fran­cis Ra­cine

Une cen­taine de ré­si­dents de la ré­gion ont pris part à un bien-cuit pour le Dr. Me­nard de Rus­sell. L’évè­ne­ment, qui en a fait rire plu­sieurs, était or­ga­ni­sé par le Kin Club de Rus­sell afin d’amas­ser des fonds pour le fu­tur Centre aqua­tique de Rus­sell.

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