Three great gifts for the DIY en­thu­siast


Do you have so­meone on your Ch­rist­mas shop­ping list who likes to spend their free time buil­ding things? If you’re stum­ped about what to get them, here are a few gift ideas that you may not have consi­de­red.

1. Di­gi­tal tape mea­sure: a mo­dern ver­sion of a clas­sic tool. A di­gi­tal tape mea­sure can convert mea­su­re­ments from frac­tions to de­ci­mals and inches to cen­ti­metres. It al­so gives pre­cise rea­dings up to one mil­li­metre and will cal­cu­late the mid­point of wha­te­ver’s being mea­su­red. Some pro­to­types al­so come with a built-in le­vel. A use­ful tool for ma­ny types of pro­jects, this one is sure to qui­ck­ly be­come in­dis­pen­sable.

2. Mul­ti-tool: a must-have item for the DIYer who pre­fers to al­ways keep their fa­vou­rite tools on hand. More than a re­gu­lar po­cketk­nife, a mul­ti-tool can hold as ma­ny as 18 tools. Com­po­nents might in­clude knives, saws, pliers, cut­ters, awls and screw­dri­vers. Most even have a bottle ope­ner for cra­cking that beer when the job is done.

3. Per­so­na­li­zed ham­mer: al­most eve­ry­bo­dy al­rea­dy owns a ham­mer, but most don’t have one with a per­so­na­li­zed handle. En­grave a re­gu­lar ham­mer with their name, a special word or an in­side joke bet­ween the two of you right on the tool’s woo­den handle. They’ll be so tou­ched, they may de­cide to de­co­rate their work­shop with it ra­ther than use it.

Wha­te­ver their pas­sion pro­ject, the DIYer in your life is sure to ap­pre­ciate one — or all — of these thought­ful and use­ful gifts.

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